Open an Account

How to open an account / register for the Portarlington Toy Library

It is highly recommended that you read all the instructions first, then follow them step by step.

  1. Go to “My account” heading in the menu
  2. Under the register section enter your email address.
  3. After you click on Register an email will be sent to you with your password listed.
  4. Note: You should check your email account for the password. If you don’t see it check your Spam/junk folder. If it is located there, make sure you mark it as not spam.
  5. After clicking register you will be directed to your Account maintenance section.
  6. There are various headings on the left side.
  7. Select addresses button then select “add” under the billing section.
  8. Enter all the details required, then click on the Save address button. You can ignore the shipping address.
  9. Note: This information will be auto filled when you checkout toys. Otherwise you will have to fill out all the information at checkout to proceed.
  10. At this point you are free to explore the site browsing various toys. As your first visit you do not need to enter your password.
  11. You can also select toys for loan by firstly adding to your cart and then checking out.
  12. Note: If you check out some toys at this stage, your request will not be ready for collection unless you are a paid up member.
  13. In the future you can use the My account section to “login” to the site. Use the log in section, and select toys for loan
  14. Note: You only register once and thereafter you use the log in section of my account on subsequent visits.
  15. Passwords. If you lose your password you can use the lost password link under the login section. If you want to replace your password. Firstly you must have your current password. Login to your account then select the account details button, enter your existing password and then your new password.
  16. Note: The system requires a strong password that includes letters upper and lower case, numbers and special characters such as % * and it needs to be 12 characters long. The system will highlight if the password is weak or strong. Unless the password is strong the password will not be changed.

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